Plan, Personalise and Post

MyPeep is an easy and fun digital countdown calendar app for any occasion.

It is a countdown app that you create by filling windows with your own ideas and content to use for any event, special day, simply for fun or as an opportunity to stay in touch ... and share with your friends and family.

As it is entirely your own original content personalised for the recipient(s), MyPeep offers a unique way to make someone's day on a secure modern platform.

Future windows remain locked, so MyPeep is a great way to build excitement or post for a future occasion.

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When to peep?

Create a peep for any moment or occasion, you can send a one day peep or multiple day peeps in the run up to any event and for any duration, to both individuals and groups. Time to get creative and surprise your peeps.


Surprise someone to a daily peep as a treat, in the run-up to their birthday or on the day itself. You could also plan the party with a peep and share it with friends in your group.

They will only be able to 'peep' behind one window, based on the countdown that you set on the calendar, receiving a message, image, link or in-app video every day...who doesn't love a daily treat?

Download the app today and start peeping!


Peep is a personalised digital Christmas advent.

Simply Plan a period of 25 days or a 12-day countdown to Christmas day.

Populate and personalise your peep board with creative ideas (maybe clues or snapshots of gifts you have bought) and choice of content (text, photos, links or in-app video) and then post. When someone receives a peep, they can only open one window per day, which will build their anticipation and excitement.

What's behind tomorrow's peep window?


MyPeep could provide health & well-being practitioners with a means of scheduling a positive daily message to their clients and can be tailored for individuals and groups.

Whether sending uplifting messages, mindfulness, images, diet plans, reminders or links, it's entirely your choice. You can also record short in-app videos.

Users can only open their peep window one day at a time with future windows remaining locked, keeping it very simple and easy to follow and providing something positive to look forward to on a daily basis, aiding their mental health and well-being.

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How it works

MyPeep is simple and easy to use.

Download from your app store by clicking on the relevant link below. Once downloaded, you are ready to go and will just need to follow these 3 easy steps:

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Step 1

Set a countdown

To set a MyPeep countdown:

  • Create and name a MyPeep board,
  • Add a brief description of the occasion or reason for the peep.
  • Customise the colour of your board from our selection.
  • Select the number of days that you want to send your peep.

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Step 2

Fill the board

Fill each daily MyPeep window with your own content. Here you can get really creative with text & emojis, links, in-app photos or image uploads, even short videos can be taken in-app, with whatever daily peep message you want to send.

You do not have to create the peep board in full immediately, you can continue to edit and simply save as draft as you fill each window.

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Step 3

Share it

Once you have filled your MyPeep board, mark it as complete and then share it with the recipient or group. They will also need to download the MyPeep app so you can add them to your friends list and share. You can also invite your friends via email in-app.

When you share, they will receive a notification that you have sent them a peep.

Future windows remain locked based on the countdown you set.

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MyPeep is a great way to share and interact with others in a positive way, to make someone smile or to create momentum for an upcoming event.

Half the fun is getting really creative and experimenting with thoughts and ideas that you can hide behind a “peep window”, creating anticipation, expectation, and excitement.

There is so much more to come and we look forward to sharing updates with you in the future.

Download the MyPeep app today.

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